The new Astral Son album has been on hold for a while now. I have finished the initial songwriting, eight songs. So the album framework is there.
I was distracted because I had a live performance to prepare and I was busy making new electronic music. The performance is done, it was a lot of fun, synths, sequencers, electric guitar and looper…. And the new Son of Ohm album ‘Zeitgeist’ I also made. It is an instrumental electronic album with lots of electric guitar. And while I was in the mood I made another EM album which hasn’t been released yet.

So I’m filled with all those sound experiences and I’m sure it will have a positive impact on the new Astral Son album. I hope returning to that soon!

About Zeitgeist:
“This latest release pushes through boundaries of psychedelic brilliance! I cant decide which was more impressive, the keys or the guitars, however, you mix them together, it is just orgasmic in my opinion!!!!”
Shane Beck

Song: Telefunken Baby!