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  September 2016: The new album is in the pressing plant! Headspin Records will release the vinyl in  november!! So many delays.... Now the good news: Sulatron Records has released the CD already!! Also on Bandcamp now!!!

Astral Son - Mind's Eye

1. Time for Change 9’03
2. Brainstorm 4’51
3. The Way 3’38
4. See Your Self 4’26
5. Dream 6’36
6. Mind’s Eye 9’27
7. The Observer 2’19
8. This Trip 3’49

March 2016: Sulatron Records has released Silver Moon on CD!!! Needless to say that I'm mighty proud!! This release is generating a lot of attention. Many positive reviews and I've even done some interviews for printed magazines.

And...the coloured vinyl of Gurumaya and Silver Moon are SOLD OUT at the Headspin quarters!! Fortunately I still have some available...

2015 has been a very good year for Astral Son. Silver Moon has been received very well! it even showed up in some 'best of 2015' lists, and I'm very proud of that!!

"One of the discoveries of the year, the kind of trip delivered by Leonardo is very refreshing. He adds a touch of electronic music to a blend of space/psychedelic rock while not going full krautrock. This is one of the most hypnotizing albums on this list.
Mr. Radio Top 15 Albums of 2015 (More Fuzz)

TimeLord Michalis' Best Albums 2015 Top 40 With Silver Moon on 4!!!!


Aural Innovations Staff Picks for Best of 2015:
Jeff Fitzgerald (At 5 of Top 25)
Keith Henderson (At 28 of Top 30)

#18 by Mr. Stone Top 20 Albums of 2015 (More Fuzz)

Furthermore there was plenty of airplay. Astral Son was Artist of month December at Carry's Music Machine and among the 40 Best of 2015 at Radio Starship Overflow!!

Silver Moon LP

The new album
Silver Moon Released by Headspin Records July 2015.
Limited to 150 copies on BLUE/WHITE/BLACK marbled vinyl, 150 copies on SILVER/BLACK marbled vinyl and 200 copies on BLACK vinyl!

Listen to samples here!







Power of Prog

Leonardo Soundweaver

Astral Son - Silver Moon Side A:
1. Waking Dream 4’01
2. In 3’00
3. Slight Return 5’10
4. Birds 1’29
5. Garden 4’17
6. Keep the Vibration 2’28

Side B:
7. Magic Buzz 12’24
8. Haven 3’07
9. Silver Moon 6’23

Astral Son,the side-project of Leonardo. Psychedelic song based space rock larded with krautrock and electronic sounds.